Sunday, May 8, 2011


Here's the cover for the second book in the Halo series!
I have mixed feelings about the first book, seeing as how it was about angels and focused on (mostly) God and stuff. Most angel books are based loosely on God, but Alexandra had a lot of God-related content in the book. I'm a believer and all, but I don't like religion thrown in my face. At all. But, seeing as how the author is so young, I know I was surprised at the extensive writing. The writing in the book was amazing...maybe because the author's parents are both English teachers? Whatever the case, if you like angel stories and shockingly good writing, check this author out (though, this angel series is nothing like Fallen or Hush, Hush. This is rated 'G' in my book, unlike those other novels, which I rate 'PG-13' if not 'M for Mature' hahaha).
  Anyways, I liked the book, but I didn't like the cover of Halo. This cover is MUCH better, even if the 'people' still look like computer graphics (they may be...). At least the lightening looks real! (Um, can't say the same about the 'wings'. Are those blown-up fly wings?!)
  The description is also up, finally on GR. And I must say, it sounds interesting. (Even if I don't remember the conclusion of the last book. Hey, it was a while ago that I read it! I read it in September, so sue me if I can't remember the plot...or the character names...or really anything else, except that it was MASSIVE.)
  The book releases on August 30--a day I'm finding to have TONS of good book releases, so far!

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