Monday, June 27, 2011

The ending of Karsten Knight's WILDEFIRE, is one seriously unforeseen twist!
You should check it out; if you like AWESOME books.
It releases July 26, 2011.
And that sequel BETTER be coming out soon!

(Oh, and quick: I just want to address my lack of reviews--I'm not done reviewing! Never fear...I'm just...waiting for a book to speak so passionately to me that I must review. Which is kind of my deal. I don't review crap books *cough, cough* anymore, so only the GREATEST books shall be reviewed from this point forward. You see, when I review, I start rambling and stuff. SO, in order for that to happen, I have to RELATE to a book in the first place. I guess I'm saying that this post's title mention is a book I don't relate to...seeing as how I'm not a god, nor do I control the fire/thunder/wind/plants/etc (as much as I want to. Seriously. Weather powers would so rock. Do you understand what you could do? Like...blow people the heck away from you when they bother you! Gah! Awesome!)., yea. Sorry, that rambling thing I got goin' on? It needs to be adjusted promptly.

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