Saturday, July 9, 2011

Beastly (Film vs. Book)

Finally got around to watching the film adaptation of Alex Flinn's Beastly tonight!
  I racked my brain for a good half hour before starting the movie, to remember the book. I read it back in '09, I believe. I did remember basically EVERYTHING (I'm that good) but here are my thoughts...
  Vanessa Hudgens as Lindy? = Horrible book-to-screen translation. I recall a description of Lindy in Flinn's novel being wayyy different than that of Hudgens...But whatever.
  Alex Pettyfer's perfect for the role of Kyle. Nuff said. That makeup was soo much cooler than Flinn's description, which I remember being nasty. (I'm starting to love this guy. He's popping up everywhere in books-to-movies. I Am Number Four? One of the BEST books-to-movies EVER.)
  Neil Patrick Harris is by far, the best on-screen blind guy in the world.
  Mary-Kate Olsen's outfits are witchly, gorgeous, wispy and picture worthy. I loved all of them. And all the wigs! They looked so fake it was fitting.
  Who did this soundtrack? This person must be praised. It fit well.
  Overall book to movie rating: 4/5 (minor details were missed, but overall it was great!)

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