Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Book Haul

Haven't had one in a while! And when I go...I come back with twenty books ;)
Here's the AWESOME (seriously. I got like, all the titles I wanted, plus a bunch I had no clue my library had) list:

(Here are the ones on my actual list/at the library, waiting for me)
  • Too Good To Be True - Kristan Higgins
  • Trial by Fire - Jennifer Lynn Barnes
  • Hand-Me-Down - Lee Nichols
  • The Girl Most Likely To... - Susan Donovan
  • The Cinderella Deal - Jennifer Crusie
  • Talk Me Down - Victoria Dahl
  • 4 Bodies and a Funeral - Stephanie Bond
  • 5 Bodies to Die For - Stephanie Bond
  • 6 Killer Bodies - Stephanie Bond
  • Street Magic - Caitlin Kittredge
  • Hell Fire - Ann Aguirre
  • Total Eclipse - Rachel Caine
  • A Veiled Deception - Annette Blair
  • Magic to the Bone - Devon Monk
  • Sweetheart - Chelsea Cain (dying, dying, dying to READ THIS)
(and the ones I got on a whim--some of them were on my list, but not the one I took with me...if that makes a shred of sense):

  • The First Days - Rhiannon Frater (sounds like an awesome zombie book!)
  • Never Knowing - Chevy Stevens (!! this came out TODAY. I loved her debut!)
  • Divergent - Veronica Roth (have yet to see a friend on GR rate this lower than 4/5 stars!)
  • City of Bones - Cassandra Clare (after seeing this everywhere, hearing all the good raves, I got it.)
  • Blink & Caution - Tim Wynne-Jones (his The Uninvited was so weird...I had to get this!)
That's it! Check out the titles, and as always, happy reading!

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