Sunday, July 3, 2011

Summer Series by Jenny Han

Man, I'm DYING to read the conclusion of the Summer series by Jenny Han! (Which is called We'll Always Have Summer. I'm thinking about going to the store right NOW and buying all the books, since I've been reading them from the library. This series is kinda awesome!) I found out that this book has CONRAD'S POV, as the last one had Jeremiah's POV (which was annoying, because it made me question which prospect was better for Belly, the MC).
  I also found out (and this is a spoiler if you have yet to read the second book (or the first), that Jeremiah is going to propose, and Belly (oh, excuse me, Isobel) accepts. Then Conrad comes back with his awesomeness and tells Isobel that he totally loves her and then it's this huge WHO THE HECK DO I LOVE match that goes on inside Isobel's sometimes annoying head. I just hope that Conrad's chapters provide AWESOME insight, and tell ME what he REALLY feels about his BROTHER gettin' with the girl HE LOVES.
  AH! I really do hate love triangles, as I've mentioned before. But these guys are BROTHERS, so it's not really a love triangle (well, it is) but it feels like a competition of the two at times. It's all 'Ohh, I love Conrad! But Jere totally loves me, and he can say as much, unlike his brother who keeps it all bottled up inside for the sake of his pride...ohhh". But still. I remember going to the library, seeing these books and snorting, thinking, "yea, that looks lammeee" then I read some reviews by trusted people on GR and I'm all "OMG, I must read this!" and I waited over a month to get the second book, (one second, all six copies of the book were available at the library. The next, they were all gone. It's so weird!) and I read the entire thing last night. And I LOVED it so freakin' much. I hope the third (and *sob* final book) is BETTER and EPIC-ER.
  Damn, I'm rambling. Sorry. I'm so done now. Pinky promise. (Remember doing those as kids? Hell, I remember when I was like, seven and my friend and I would swear secrecy by spitting into our palms and shaking on it. I wonder if she knew I carried Purell around because she had so many secrets...)
  Anyways, that chick better NOT marry freakin' Jeremiah. Just saying.

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