Wednesday, July 6, 2011

We'll Always Have Summer

I have one final (I think!) post regarding Jenny Han's Summer series!
  I got the final book, We'll Always Have Summer, earlier this evening, and I just finished it. Whew, what a book! (5/5 stars!)
  Without giving too much away (by that I mean, DON'T READ MY OTHER POST, it will reveal spoilers for this book!) it had some twists, heartbreak, and then, of course, the happy ending that everyone (read: I) love.
  But I gotta say, we could have eliminated this entire book, had the main character not been so indecisive. Then again, the book was good. Whimsical, unbelievable, and kinda sad (in a somewhat good way). But hell, I did love it.
  And I can't resist. Cover your eyes if you have yet to read this...(I'll add some spaces for effect):

I never, never, never, never (can I keep saying never?) thought I'd see the beautiful day when you fessed up, not only to Belly, but to yourself. I loved your chapters, and looked forward to them so much I was pantomiming the 'hurry up' signal through all of Belly's chapters.


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