Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Great (End of) Summer Reads!

Summer's almost over and you'd like some new reads to check out before school starts. (Or, hey, do as I do, and read at every chance you get!)
  Since I read so, so much, I've compiled a few lists, so that everyone's tastes can hopefully be sated! These titles are all my favorites that I read between June and August. Let me know what you think of the books if you've read them, or are planning to! And if anyone has more suggestions, leave titles/authors in the comments!

For the awesome teen (ah-hem, like me) who loves paranormal/supernatural/romances, check out the following titles:

Or, hey, maybe you like YA novels that are more "serious" and have no ghosties and Greek gods. Well, how about these titles:

Not your style? Hmm...well, I love a good adult novel. about a few of those? There's some zombies, some cute romance, and...killer faeries! Ha!

What were some of your favorite summer reads?

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  1. You have read a ton of great books. My favoirtes: Hereafter, Stay, Between Here and Forever and The Day Before. I'm dying to read: Spellbound and Too Good to Be Truth.


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