Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Lack of Wednesday's

Wednesday's are one of the only day's I'm not dedicated to doing a book-meme. And why is that, you ask? Wednesday has been my favorite day of the week since third grade. Why? Well, because, look at it like a school week. You go Monday through Friday, so Wednesday is the middle day of that dreaded school week. I would always think of it as two days over, two to go then the weekend!
  So, Wednesday's are my reading-dedication days. I read every day, but Wednesday's are my day to relax and read, without having to worry about posting a blog post. Reviews I try to do two-weekly, and I currently have a large TBR stack, as well as five or six "owned" books. So...reading is a must. Tomorrow, there will be more, since I'm finally going to Borders for some of those 70% off sales. Well, that is if my Borders is open.
  I also started school this week, and while the first two weeks are light loads, I'm trying to get use to the classes. Oh, and my tech class is killing me. They want me to use the free-lagging software, GIMP, when I'm a Photoshop user. I can't use GIMP. Besides, Windows 7 and GIMP are not two things you don't want to try to marry together. My computer has crashed GIMP so many times I'm getting scared.
  Have a lovely Wednesday, blogging people. For I am. (Sorry, talking funny because of my current-read, Soulless by Gail Carriger, which has a lot of weird-dialog.)

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