Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cover Reveal: By a Thread - Jennifer Estep

I, until literally moments ago, thought that Spider's Revenge (which releases on the 27th of this month), was the final Elemental Assassin novel by Jennifer Estep. Now, there are seven books contracted, this one featured below being the sixth. It's called By a Thread, uncase you missed the subject title. I'm not including the description, because for some reason it's already posted and I just spoiled Spider's Revenge for myself (curse you, wandering eyes!) but, you can click the book's title above to be directed to the Goodreads page, and ultimately, the description. Note that you have been warned that the description of this novel is a HUGE spoiler for the previous novel. Well, if you read the series, that is. This one drops in February of 2012 (the 28th, I believe).

I LOVE this cover, though. But the cover for Spider's Revenge is so much cooler ;)
  This is an adult series, so, as always, you've been warned!! I know that Jennifer recently released a YA novel (which I have yet to read, sadly) but don't go on a binge of Estep-awesomeness and think "I'm so reading her adult novels!!" when you're less than prepared.
  Adult novels, in my book (or mind...?) are nearly always acceptable for YA's (like me) over the age of 15. I know, I know, read whatever you want. But don't be surprised when you come across...ah, hem...content that is less than suitable for younger readers.
  Either way, this is probably my favorite adult series. In case you're wondering ;)

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