Sunday, September 11, 2011

This Week in Books (6)

There are some pretty good releases this week that I am dying to read! Then again, I still have a bunch of books to read that I bought/won/received, not to mention all the e-books I need to read soon!
  I'm also going to tack on a quick note: I may not get to post everyday this week. I know, I may miss those cool meme's that I love doing, but we're having connection problems in this part of my town. It's literally been raining for a week, and Time Warner Cable (which is what we have for Internet, phone, cable) keeps having issues with the service. I don't know what's going on, but our cable keeps going out, and our phone has been down for like, twelve hours. The Internet is still working, but it's spotty at best! So I apologize in advance if I miss some posts!
  Though they will be mostly meme's, because I only have one review written up. I haven't read a teen book in a few days! :(

This week, we have releasing:

And, as always, these are just the titles I'm going to be reading. I had a few more, but by the looks at them I will never read them, so why post about them? I love spreading the word about books and all, but I'm not going to promote something I'm not ever going to read!

  Happy reading!

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