Sunday, October 23, 2011

This Week in Books (12)

Four releases this week, since I'm no longer including adult novels in this weekly thing.
  Argh, I have to read a really lame book this week for school. Not going to name it, because I will likely be harped on by a bunch of girls who love the book. Lammee. Good thing that this project is worth half my grade for the semester...and we get from now until January to complete it. (Literally. It's 600 points. So that's actually more than half my grade. Drats.)

Books, Sierra, the books? I'm here to learn about books!
  Yeah, yeah, okay. Sorry, inner-self. Though if you're my inner-self you already know about these titles...right?
  Shut up. Just shut up. (Haha, I really hear that a lot. Not from myself but from people I know. I guess I talk a little too much.)
  Of course, last week I was running out of books so I put like 15 on hold from the library...then I got a bunch of books in the mail from Macmillan (Amplified, pictured below, was one of them) and one from St. Martin's (Tempest, not pictured), so I'm kind of being buried in books!

Happy reading, fellow nerds! :D

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