Sunday, October 2, 2011

This Week in Books (9)

I can't believe a week has already gone by! I gotta say, I've been reading like a maniac this week because I had a seriously light load in school for some reason.
  This week's releases include the awesome Carrier of the Mark which probably has the best YA cover in the WORLD! The color-bleeding off of the girl's dress is enough to make any Photoshop-nerd swoon (well, at least my group of friends all agree it's GORGEOUS!). Also, I read a few months ago that the author/book was picked up from that cool website through Harper (called InkPop) in which teens can write/submit/vote for books, and the editors read and review the highest rated ones. Cool, eh?
  As always, the releases featured in this weekly meme/whatever are dropping between today and next Sunday. We all know that books rarely release on the weekends, so I think it's a cool time to post.
  Anyways, here's the list!


One more thing: Do any of my readers take part in the Galley Grab program through Simon & Schuster? I was wondering if the September newsletter ever went out. I never got it, and they've never been this late!

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