Friday, November 4, 2011

Book Announcement: REIGN FALL by Michelle Rowen

I know, I know, two Michelle Rowen's in one day?!
  The third book in DEMON PRINCESS series has been announced, though, so it's totally blog worthy! I've been waiting for this announcement to happen for months!

Reign Fall by Michelle Rowen (Demon Princess #3)
Releases January 2012

"Prophesies, demon slayers, dragons, homework… It’s going to be a hell of a week!
  It’s been a dangerous ride for Nikki Donovan since she first learned she’s a demon princess. And the ride isn’t over yet!
  She’s just found out that her best friend is a demon slayer in training, one who doesn’t know that Nikki is exactly the prey she’s sworn to hunt. Nikki’s demon king father has signed her up for lessons in how to master her erratic half-demon powers, and that’s on top of her regular homework! Also, she’s torn between two boys—Rhys, the faery king she’s prophesied to marry, and Michael, a Shadow whom she’s forbidden to love.
  To top it all off, a dark force is haunting Nikki, something mysterious and evil that wants the demon princess dead…but who — or what — is it?"

And you (and I!) can read the first three chapters on the author's website, here.

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