Thursday, November 10, 2011

Booking Through Thursday (12)

Booking Through Thursday is a weekly meme hosted by Deb that anyone can participate in! Click the image to be directed to the page.

This week's question:

"E-readers like the Kindle and iPad are sweeping the nation … do you have one? Do you like it? Do you find it changes your reading/buying habits? If you don’t have one, do you plan to?"

I don't have an e-reader, but I plan on getting one this Christmas. Though, I kind of hate e-books, because I, for some inane reason, love print books. I like smelling the pages by fanning them, and when they're really old they always smell bad, sure, but I still would miss doing weird stuff like that if I completely stopped buying print books. I don't think I would though. Change my buying habits, because I LOVE having a huge book collection. Not only because I love books, but because it's impressive, and people go 'Dammnnn' a lot of the time. ;D


  1. lol!
    I guess you can't have a library in your house if all your books are on your kindle!

    Trish - My BTT Post

  2. I agree with you since I am torn between the 2. Both print and Ebooks have their pros and cons. Thanks for stopping by.

  3. LOL.... do what I do and have both!! It works for me ;-) Here's my BTT.

  4. Oh nice you're getting in on Christmas! I'm living in envy now. LOL

  5. I still prefer the actual book.

  6. The book smell is so cool, isn't it?

    Here's mine:

  7. I love smelling books and freaking people out with the size of my library too.

    My BTT post is here if you'd like a look :)

  8. Sierra, what type of e-reader are you getting for Christmas? I would really like to get one around then too but I am still not sure. Thanks for visiting my blog!


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