Sunday, November 6, 2011

This Week in Books (14)

Three releases this week. Hopefully, you'll find a new title to add to your TBR :D
  The past week has been pretty hectic for me, what with that huge Jane Austen paper I'm working on. I spent all week busting my a** reading a bunch of biographies and histories on England and then my teacher says that the outline--that was due Thursday (worth 100 points)--wasn't due...just a bibliography was.
  I was so freakin' angry I almost didn't do anything. But, I'm so obsessed with getting a good grade in English that, of course, I did it. Yay me, I totally showed her. ;D
  Also, for the past two weeks I keep getting those "spam" emails on my email account (the one I use only for book newsletters and stuff; seriously, I have about 8 email addresses)...but they're all from my friends. So, I'm sitting here thinking that whoever the heck keeps sending these emails is like moving through these people's contact lists...freaking me out. I have so much stuff saved on that account, if it were to be hacked into, everything would be all messed the heck up. Gahh. Sometimes I really hate the Internet.

This week:

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