Monday, December 12, 2011


Never fear, fellow readers, I am not dead (just yet. Though it'll happen in a few...decades or something!).
I haven't been posting because (1) my Internet is acting up (again. Thanks TWC, you rock) and (2) my meme's are exhausted. I'm tired of my meme's...I want new ones! But there aren't any releases in books this week (gasp!) so I couldn't post about that either.
  Tomorrow brings new meme's and...maybe a new look? I have an amazing header I just finished making, now I'm looking for a background image. :D

And for your viewing pleasure, an image acquired from (and found via my sister's tumblr):

I so wish I had this! Though...aren't those the "high power" outside lights that could potentially LIGHT THOSE BOOKS ON FIRE? OMG. DON'T BURN THOSE BOOKS!
  I'm off to find my next read...though I must read Hamlet for school (damn. Fifty pages before tomorrow!)...
  Oh, but I did get one-hundred dollars (omg, did my heart just stop?) worth of books ordered for Christmas! Dude, it was twenty dollars in shipping alone! And only 9 books! Gurrr.

Happy reading! (Someone find the person who took that photo and warn them of the fire-hazard. Think of the books!)

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