Friday, December 23, 2011

Follow Friday (10)

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I haven't done FF in a few weeks (possibly a month!) so let's get on with it!

Q:  If you had to spend eternity inside the pages of a book which book would you choose and why?

A: Oh, crap. That's such a hard question! Argh! Well, it would probably, for me, have to be a non-dystopian world. I seriously don't think I can live in any other future, or hell, past either. I don't want flying cars, ever, or weird body suits. I don't really want evil paranormals, either. So...maybe Tempest by Julie Cross. I love that the main character can transcend time, and I wish I could do that. The world is a little mad in that book, but only to the main character...Maybe if I were a side character and could time-travel, but not have murderous peeps after me...

What about you?


  1. Another book I can't wait to come out. I hadn't done FF in a while either (like 3 months :|

    I'm following back
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. I haven't read that book yet. I'll have to check it out #NowFollowing

  3. I don't know about this book, but it surely would be nice!

    thanks for stopping by our blog!

    I'm a new follower

  4. Hopping through. I can't wait to read Tempest. I think I have it waiting for me via Netgalley.
    My Hop

  5. I haven't read Tempest yet, but time-travel sounds really sweet. :)
    Thanks for stopping by, I'm following back!

  6. Thanks for following me, I of course followed back!

    Oh, great choice. Sometimes it's best to just live in a some what normal world, eh? I guess flying cars and creepy vampires can be a little much sometimes.

    -Angela @ The Little Blue Pig

  7. I haven't read Tempest either. I do agree with the non-dystopian comment though. I have a hard time getting into them when I read them. Once I do, I usually love the world the author has created but I'm afraid I'd be totally lost if I had to live within their pages.

  8. I haven't read Tempest. I need to though. Time travel sounds really cool though. One thing I would worry about is if I got stuck in the past! That would suck! :)
    My Follow Friday!

  9. I haven't read that yet nut it sounds really cool...New follower so come follow me at Happy holidays!

  10. Tempest by Julie Cross was a very great read! Would definitely want to live in the world of Time Travelling! Great choice!

    A new follower!:)
    Please check out my FF too!

  11. Tempest was a brilliant read! Great answer!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog! Following back!

    Merry Christmas :)

    Reading is my cup of tea

  12. Great if I had to choose a dystopian novel i would choose Legend!!! New follower so come follow me at

  13. I've yet to read Tempest but the time traveling thing would be really awesome. :) New follower, Happy Holidays!

    Sarah @ Smitten over Books


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