Sunday, December 4, 2011

This Week in Books (17)

How was your week? Mine was full of...nothing! Good news, I got my Pride & Prejudice paper turned in, though my teacher has yet to grade it. Bad news: I have to make a PowerPoint today that's due tomorrow and summarizes my paper...why? Because my teacher is crazy, that's why!
  This week, as you can see, there are a LOT OF RELEASES. Good, though. Since people are holiday shopping and all! I'm buying the books that aren't yet released in America/at my library/at the stores...that is seven titles...all equaling around eighty bucks. Sucks, right? I now have to wait until my birthday to get my eReader, since I realized that with all of these books I want, and the other stuff I'm thinking of getting seriously cuts into my quota of spending money...But never fear. My birthday is literally one month and a day after Christmas, so that isn't that long of a wait! :)

Anyways, those releases I was talking about are as follows...

That's quite a list! It's a good thing I currently have no books in my TBR...since I'll be putting most of these on my new list! :D

Happy reading! (And wish me we're putting the Christmas tree up. Booo.)

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  1. Awesome list of books! I'm looking forward to reading all of them. Thanks for sharing and good luck putting the christmas tree up:)


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