Sunday, December 18, 2011

This Week in Books (18)

Welcome back, This Week in Books (and it looks like you got spruced up with that adorable snowman found on Google)! Last week, sadly, I didn't have any books to announce *frowns* but hey, this week I have four!
  How's your week been? Mine's been a little funky. I've been baking cookies out the wazoo, and I think I'm getting a cold. (Hopefully, this won't be like that one episode of The Big Bang Theory when Sheldon (he's my favorite! haha) hugs Penny on Valentine's and then they both get the flu...Though I don't know how alike this is. I don't hug people. Ever. I do bake though, but being the freak I am I wash my hands if I touch ANYTHING. Even if it's just flour or something! I'm so obsessed with soaping it up and disinfecting every surface I even think may touch my food.)
  Anyways, I have to make more sugar cookies today. You wouldn't believe how fast they're eaten in this house! And yesterday my dad was giving out my peanut-butter thumbprint cookies at work, and these people want to pay me to make them cookies! Jeez!

Shut up, Sierra. (Sadly, I hear that a lot. Scrooge's. It's like they don't like hearing about my life. You should see people's eyes glaze over when I start talking about advances in technology. I was telling someone yesterday about how quickly the robot apocalypse is approaching, and I swear she almost passed our from boredom. *Thank god Lady Gaga gave me a reason to say "I was born this way" when people ask me why I'm so strange.* LOL.)
  One more thing: I found these AWESOME Nightmare Before Christmas bookmarks, but they got sold before I could buy them! Does anyone know where I can get ACTUAL bookmarks, not paper, preferably plastic and laminated, and w/o those lame tassels?
  Wait, no, two things: I got 5 of my 9 books from HPB! And they're all IMPORTS so I'm reading some Aussie/UK editions, peepos. This is the way to go. I mean, why wait until late next year for the American releases when I can buy the damn books from foreign sellers? Pfft. I'm the most impatient person you'll ever meet, mind you.

Dang, I'm still talking? Sorry. Really, I am.

Happy reading and holidays!

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