Sunday, January 1, 2012

This Week in books (20)

Happy New Year, everyone!

This week is going to be a big week--for books that is! This is the biggest list of books I've had in a 7-day period in...well, ever!
  I'm not sure if anyone has gift cards left to spend, but I've heard of some amazing deals on Barnes and Noble (the other day it was only a few bucks for hardcovers!) and other various book sellers. I did get a bunch of books for X-mas from Halfprice Books, but a few were stuck in customs--so I didn't even get them until two days ago! (Lame. I paid almost forty bucks in shipping for them to be here by the 24th and they weren't. Bummer.)
  I'm gearing up for one thing and one thing only this week: A HUGE SNOW STORM! Starting tonight the North East is going to be BLASTED with snow, so if you live in any of the states in the NE, be warned! Blizzard-like conditions--the winds are already at 30/40 mph. Sucks, huh? We didn't get a white Christmas...but now we're paying for it!
  One more thing: My sister and her boyfriend almost burned the house down last night. Apparently, they're both too dimwitted to work a toaster oven. It's a good thing my brother came back last night, or hell, who knows where we'd be!!

  Anyways, zee amazing list of books:

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