Sunday, January 8, 2012

This Week in Books (21)

How was your week? Mine was fine :D
  Hopefully, everyone is still reading this year...cause I know I am! I noticed the other day that *gasp* for the first time, my GR challenge told me I was 2 books behind in my reading if I wish to reach my goal of 360 this year! What did I do? Read like a maniac, so that I was back on track. My eyes are still feelin' the burn...
  I love when new books come out...Though I can't tell you what I prefer: new books or old books. I love the "new book smell" but then again, some old books have that "worn, old book smell" that sometimes makes you feel as though you're in another time...or you know, just smelling a nasty book!
  New books, then :D And, since new books are always a favorite of every bookworm in the world, here is this week's list of books!

Happy reading! :D

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  1. Ooh! The cover for A Million Suns is so pretty! Great books this week! Happy reading! :)
    My IMM!


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