Sunday, January 15, 2012

This Week in Books (22)

I seriously cannot believe how fast the weeks go! We're already on the 22nd week of this little meme, and WOW! (It's fun, but I feel like I just did it!).
  This week brings us a few good releases (in fact, they all look good!), and also the end of the semester for my school. This week is exam week (yikes!) and next Monday brings the start of new my case, a required but unwanted government and politics class! (Booooring. I hate politics!) But I also get to start a psychology class that I'm kinda excited to start. Lord knows there are enough people in my family to psychoanalyze! (*Cackles evilly.* Because I love cackling! Kidding. Really, I am!).
  I ran out of books to read this weekend (gasp!) and tried reading two of the ones I got for Christmas (the final two out of the eleven I bought. They were: Stay by C.C. Jackson and Dark Angel by Eden Maguire). I'm really disappointed to have bought those, because they were both too uninteresting to finish. I must have read half of both of them before realizing I was basically drooling like a zombie from boredom! It seems that the only time I buy books, they suck. But all the ones I get from the library are awesome enough to go out and buy, just to look at on my shelf!
  I finally found a title on my "Goodwill' shelf (a bookcase dedicated to all the books for fifty cents that I got at my local Goodwill. They're a little dirty, which makes no sense, since only one person should have owned them. The books I buy at library sales are cleaner and in better condition!), called Danger in a Red Dress by Christina Dodd. This is my first Dodd novel--but I can already tell you it won't be my last!
  Moving are this week's releases! (And I'm pretty sure they all release Tuesday, in case you're wondering!)

Have a nice Sunday, everyone! (And a nice extended weekend!)
Happy reading :D

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