Sunday, February 5, 2012

This Week in Books (25)

Another week, another set of releases!
  How's your week been? Mine kind of sucked! I thought that my psychology class would be like, awesome, but for every unit I have to do like, three research papers! Arrgg. I hate this. I like writing and reading (obvi!) but dude, researching a bunch of stuff that I kind of think is utter CRAP? Nah...I'd rather read a nice, interesting YA the one I'm reading now! (Fracture by Megan Miranda.)
  Whatevs, let's get to the books! (Also, that giveaway for an ARC copy of Aimee Carter's Goddess Interrupted is coming up soon; I haven't had time to get it set up yet! The book is getting cold and lonely on my shelf; it needs a good home!)


  1. I know the feeling! My homework overload is math. Ick. But this post reminded me of all the papers I need to write, too... Maybe I'll start that tonight. Oops. Good luck with your papers as well!

    Dead to You has been on my to read list since I first saw it but In too Deep just got added too! I'm so excited for those books. I need to get through my current pile first, though...

    1. It seems everyone has a ton of school-work to get done! I'm one of those people who like to wait until last minute, and the pressure literally makes me motivated to get it done!
      Thanks! And good luck to you, too, Kari :)
      I'm glad you found a new read :) I can't wait to read all of these titles!

      Happy reading :D


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