Sunday, February 19, 2012

This Week in Books (27)

How was your week? Mine was good...At least until Friday when the CW dude said that Supernatural will be off until March 6! BUT in the preview, I so totally saw my favorite character, Castiel, who died earlier on in the season...If these dudes are messing with me, by showing me Cass then making it like, some weird-ass memory, I'm going to be hella mad. He needs to come back, with his angel-awesomeness and kill some nasty-ass leviathan (who overtook his body and killed him...urggg)!
  If you're a fan, you understand. If not...well, please ignore me :D
  I had a nice week, as I said. I finally dragged my eyes away from a book long enough to hit up some stores and buy a much-needed new bookshelf, which has yet to be put together, because the last time I tried putting something together (with the aid of my sister, Julie) it got kind of ruined. My sister and I tried putting her desk together, and while we succeeded, we kind of screwed the screws in wrong, and my sister ended up having to paint (with nail polish!) over the cracked wood before our parents noticed...Yeah, it was bad. (And now she wants to put my shelf together, just so we can mess up something of mine this time! HA! You're funny, sis. NOT.)
  I (again) tried making homemade batter last night...And if my last failure didn't teach me anything, this time it did. My new Betty Crocker cookbook (The Big Book of Cupcakes) all but laughed at me when my cupcakes...exploded in the oven, and overflowed all over the place. The good news is that I changed the yellow-cupcake mix into a strudel like thing with cinnamon & nutmeg, and mixed cinnamon, nutmeg and sugar into the icing and piped it all over the ugly things and they taste amazing...But let's just say I deemed them the "Epic-Fail Cupcakes". They're ugly as all sin, but delicious (as all sin, too...or does that sound dirty? Gah! Sorry!)  :D

I understand you're here for books, right?

  Happy reading, everyone!
I, on the other hand, am stuck reading some strange (read: boring!) YA titles before I can read some more historical romances (adult, not YA. YA historical is, really bad) ...which are now my favorite thing to read. (Maybe if I hated history a little more, I wouldn't like these things so damn much!)


  1. Great books. I'm looking forward to checking out The Catastrophic History of You & Me. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I stopped watching this season when Cass died. I've been telling my brother (who's been a fan with me since season one) since Kripke stopped doing the show that when Cass dies, I'm done (it used to be when Kripke leaves, I'm done... but I wasn't) I'm just not loving it under new direction, it feels aimless unlike seasons 1-5 where EVERYTHING tied into the end game. But I can only hold out for so long. I'll prolly buy it on DVD when it comes out and get all caught up.

    1. Good point, Kathleen! I've noticed that the direction of the show is aimless...But I still consider it one of my favorites! :D


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