Sunday, April 8, 2012

This Week in Books (34)

Happy Easter, everyone!
  I added Thumper from Bambi to the meme logo. Hahaha, I love that little dude (much more so than Bambi...Sorry Bambi, but I deal with enough deer here in Ohio without watching you on TV. Bunnies on the other hand...I've only seen maybe ten or so my entire life)!
  I just got done "upgrading" my Blogger interface to the new look. I gotta say, I'm not diggin' it too much. The G-Mail look alone angered me, because I refuse to switch to IE 9 because of the lighter, larger 'e' logo that looks like crap. Anyways, G-Mail often doesn't work for me, so I'm hoping Blogger won't be the same.

  This week, we have a lot more releases than last week (when we only have one). And if you'll notice over there on the right under the giveaway section, there is one coming up. Either this week or next, you can enter to win one of five copies of Hannah Jayne's UNDER ATTACK, the second novel in her amazing Underworld Detection Agency series (I just finished the third one, which drops in May...and I gotta say I'm already dying for the forth!). So if you're a young adult like me who loves the occasional adult fantasy novel, or your an actual adult getting tired of YA and wanting something new, you can enter to win a copy! There is also a bunch of swag that Hannah thoughtfully provided, and I'm throwing in some other stuff from YA author Denise Jaden and adult (and YA) author Stacey Jay. (Speaking of swag: if you have some you wanna ever get off your hands *like me, who has over 100 Stacey Jay's Dead on the Delta magnets! Email me if you want a few to giveaway or just for yourself!!!* send me an email! Giving out swag is almost as fun as giving away books!)

  I got off topic...This is what chocolate at six a.m. does to me, the releases this week include:

Happy reading! :D

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