Sunday, April 22, 2012

This Week in Books (36)

I didn't post anything this past week! It's amazing that some weeks I can have 5 or so book cover reveals, title releases, etc., and some weeks, like this past one, have nothing!
  This past week has been a pretty boring one here on my front. Oh, aside from getting my hair cut (really, who cares about that?) and posting all of my reviews to Amazon. I only had to edit three (and only because they all contained the word 'shit' and apparently that's a "bad word"), but it took up a good two/three hours to post all 90+ of my reviews! (Watch out, Barnes & Noble--I'm coming for you next! Er, not really. I already have an account there, and half my reviews are posted. But the site started mucking up a few months ago (really, about a year ago) so I stopped using it. Whatevs. I'm rambling again.)
  Anyways, we have quite a few (more than a few, actually) releases this week. More than the two last week!

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