Sunday, April 29, 2012

This Week in Books (37)

Hope everyone had a nice week :)
  *If you want to just see the releases of the week, I suggest scrolling down!*
  I had to make a trip to my library this week (I know, amazing!), because all of my en-route titles were taking forever to get here. Apparently my library was hosting a meet-and-greet with some famous author/weather man (that I've never heard of, but my dad confessed him to be his idol), and I had the most interesting library experience in months. There were people dressed in suits! Now, this may not seem surprising to some of you, but I can honestly say I've never seen a regular-person (outside of TV) wearing a suit in my town (it is that quaint). It was so weird! This older-dude was greeting people at the door, and I was like "Uh...Is the library open?" in my typically awkward manner, and the dude was like "Oh, yeah! Are you here to meet (whatever the dude's name was)?" And I was just staring before I realized I had to answer (really, I was that entranced by the sight of a suit and his oddly bright tie) that I kinda just replied honestly with "I have no idea what you're talking about," before walking into the library. THEN (and I know this story is weird and not at all entertaining. Though you should get a laugh out of my awkwardness) all my favorite librarians weren't working the main desk upstairs in the adult fiction/reference/computer area, and two MORE people in suits (this time two young guys who looked oddly like clones of the Mattel Barbie Ken Dolls) were 'manning the desk' (literally, since they were you know, guys), and completely ignored me when I went to ask for help getting a book because I'm only five foot and a half and couldn't reach the dang top shelf. (I know you're laughing now. It's like that Quaker Oats granola bar commercial, when that like, third grader is trying to get a book off the shelf by standing on a stack of books. But I'd never stand on books. That's just cold.)
  I was so freaked out by the clone-boys that I pretty much gave up and went downstairs where, thankfully, the nice awesome librarians were working. I won't even get into the story about how loudly the librarian was announcing my book titles as she looked through the books-to-be sorted for anything of mine. (Let's just say she said, "IT'S IN HIS KISS BY JULIA QUINN" so loudly that a passing woman smirked at me and said "That's a great book". It was. But I don't like people TELLING me that! And why was she smirking? I know it was because I'm so short I look like I'm 13 and have no right to read adult titles, when I'm 17 (and a quarter!) and have all the right in the world to be reading all of Julia Quinn's novels.)

Whew. That was a long tale. Kudos if you read it all! :D

  This week, we have quite a few releases. It seems to me publishers are always releasing titles competitively to see which sells better. Can't say that sales reflect on feedback, because I've bought many a book that absolutely sucked and regret buying it. (Which is why I now get all books from the library, and if I like it, buy it after I've read it.)

  This week the competitive booking world brings us:

Happy reading! :D


  1. Oh, I think you'll love Welcome, Caller! I did. :)

  2. oh gosh your library experience almost sounds like a bad nightmare..only it actually happen.. Quaker oats..too funny.oh and i love Julia Quinn.hehehe!
    I cannot wait to read Insurgent and Sweet Evil ! Enjoy all of your new books! You can read my news on The Sunday Post


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