Sunday, May 20, 2012

This Week in Books (39)

Happy Sunday, everyone!
Finally--the school year is coming to a close! I have just this week left of course work, one week of free time, and the last week of exams. I can't wait for summer to start--I need to get some reading done!
  But aside from that, this past week was the week that ALL of my shows ended! Criminal Minds was a two hour block of finale awesome, while Bones had a finale that actually brought me to tears. Supernatural ended with a BANG (or well, a blow, since Dick Roman blew up!), and I was so pissed at the 20-seconds or so of Supernatural that I almost hurled the remote at the TV. (Castiel, my all time fave angel, is really starting to anger me. He's like a mindless child now. Where's the awesome smiting he's so good at? He's a total pacifist, now! BOOOOO! And Bobby's like, gone now. For realz!)
  And now I'm totally annoyed at myself because I went to an author's website, read the SPOILER ALERT warning, and scrolled down anyways. I so know what's gunna happen now--and I've yet to read the book! GRRR.

  Anyways, last week we didn't have any releases--but we have a couple this week (and one graphic novel. I'm picturing it 'cuz it's like my favorite YA series, m'kay?).

  Happy reading! :D

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  1. I got Adorkable too! Can't wait to read it because it looks so cute! Of Poseidon looks awesome too. I hope you enjoy all you got :)

    Here's my STS!


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