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Freak by E.K. Henry

Freak by E.K. Henry
Where I got my copy: Author, for review
Formats: eBook and print

"Being a lower-class human born into a world where vampires rule sucks. No matter how hard Juniper Rayne tries to fit in, she's labeled a freak. When her dad signs the family up to take part in a reality television show, Juniper hopes that it'll give her the edge she needs to shed her freak label.

Unfortunately for Juniper, vampires aren't that accepting.

She decides to take control of her life and become a vampire hunter, instead of continuing to live in her own personal hell any longer.

She will regain control or die trying."

My thoughts:
Freak was a fun, quick read that I think calls most to vampire fans. Me, I'm not so huge on the blood-suckers, but I gotta say, I enjoyed Freak while I was reading.
  Picture a world in which vampires reign--and humans are all considered "freaks". One freak--in other words, a human--named Juniper finds out that her parents have signed on to be stars of a new 'freak' reality-TV show, in which humans are the entertainment for vampires. Soon thereafter, Juniper realizes that her parents and even all her human friends are starting to change, mostly in the limelight. They're different. Her parents come off as power-hungry at times, even though, as humans, they're the lowest of the low.
  Juniper gets an idea...She's going to become a vampire killer in order to bring some karma back into the game.
  Alright. The synopsis is done, now I shall record my thoughts.
  I liked Juniper to a certain point. The only thing I found annoying was that, even after she had killed some vamps, she kept getting fed on, beat up, and passing out (dude. That can't be good for your head). I kinda figured that once she learned to kick some ass that no one would ever feed on her again. So I was a little peeved that every twenty pages or so, she was being snacked on like a bag of Fritos.
  The other characters in the book were completely unmemorable. I found the book a little lacking in character descriptions, but I found that Juniper's friends were okay enough. Her one friend though--so totally saw that coming. It was a shame that Juniper didn't, for I like my heroines to be at least a little bit smart.
  I also disliked how the main character all but picked up a sword and started hacking heads off. I hear (from my many crime TV-shows, no vampires allowed, mind you) that cutting off the head on a human is very difficult, because the spine and shit gets in the way. (And I missed the blood-spatter. I guess vampires don't have much blood, but I think the fight scenes would have drawn my attention more if there was some arterial spray.) However, I realized that these are vamps, so maybe they are spineless (ha-ha, just kidding. Lots of the vamps featured are some real sickos).
  The plot was good, the characters were likeable enough, but the ending was a serious cliffhanger (is there more books? It says 'The end' on the flyleaf at the end, but maybe it's just 'the end' of this book? IDK.), but Freak was an enjoyable read.
  I recommend this most to fans of vampire books, and maybe fans of The Hunger Games, because the whole human-TV theme was kinda reminiscent of THG.
  3/5 stars.

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