Sunday, June 10, 2012

This Week in Books (42)

School is out!
And I am...Bored as all hell. (Damn.)
Reading, reading, reviewing, reading, reading...That is my new mantra! I'm ashamed to admit though that I've been having an increased interest in...GRAPHIC NOVELS! I'm such a geek that my sister refused to get me a graphic novel, cause she would be embarrassed to buy it when her boyfriend was around. Yeesh. I had no idea my problem was so bad.
  But, why am I reading them? Because I'm such a genius, I figured out how to get caught up on my scarily-high GR challenge--graphic novels, man! I can just read these little puppies, glance at a few pictures, and WHAM! One hour later, I'm one-book down towards my goal of 360! (Please don't bitch at me if you are like a graphic-novel aficionado. Sorry. But I will be dead if I have to read nonstop in order to beat a challenge that I set since I will feel like a loser if I lower my goal by ten books.)
  I blame the VA graphic novels. I read the Vampire Academy one last year (what VA-lover didn't?) but when I got Frostbite a few days ago, I was reading and reading and I was all 'Hot damn. This counts as a book on Goodreads!' Of course I knew this, but don't you ever have a moment of really realizing something and you're like "Jesus, I was stupid not to realize this before..."? *Silence* Ooookayyy. Maybe not! But I am by-passing reading 300+ page books (really, can't YA authors sum it up in under 400 pages ever? I mean, legit. If your character isn't progressing or changing, why add that lame extra chapter that makes the zombie look steal my face? Grrr.).
  OH! And can I say that I WON TICKETS TO BEA, AND COULDN'T GO?! Yeah. I won two stinkin' tickets, and they emailed me the day before I would have to be in NYC by 8 a.m. I don't live but maybe four hours from NY but my dad was all "No." and my sister was working, and my brother was working, and my uncle was off making thousands of dollars so he couldn't take me...Gawd. And I couldn't go! Dude, I almost cried. Like, legit. Tears were about to come outta my non-existent tear ducts.

Alright, I understand you're here to see releases this week (I have to reiterate this a lot. People. This is not a meme of 'what came in the mail this week'. This is "Books that Release This Week." Jesus.)

And on that note, this week we have:

  • Timepiece by Myra McEntire (Err. Can someone tell me how Hourglass ended?)
  • The Golden Lily by Richelle Mead (OMG OMG OMG. I must go reread Bloodlines before I buy this piece of awesome.)
  • For Darkness Shows the Stars by Diana Peterfruend (I'm taking a chance on this dystopian. Don't disappoint me.)
  • Flirting in Italian by Lauren Henderson (Has anyone noticed like, no one releases NORMAL books?! Good for you, Ms. Henderson! I'm dying for some normal. I'm so sick of fantasy in YA--which may be why I keep going for adult titles, and not YA...hmmm...)
Happy reading, everyone! :D


  1. Flirting in Italian sounds so cute!! *-* Love the covers for Hourglass series.

  2. FOr Darkness Shows the Stars is amazing :) I loved that book SO MUCH! :D

    Anna @ Literary Exploration


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