Saturday, July 14, 2012

Cover Reveal: THE MEPHISTO KISS by Trinity Faegen

This cover, the title, and the release is news to me. But it all likelihood, I'm just late on seeing this.
  Now, honesty time: I do not like this cover. Nuff said.

Details, anyone?
The Mephisto Kiss by Trinity Faegen (The Mephisto Covenant, #2)
Releases: September 25, 2012

"The eyes never lie. No one’s eyes are darker than Eryx. Not even the Devil’s.
  When Jax and Sasha first see Jordan Ellis, they know she is no ordinary teenager. She’s the daughter of the President after all, but she’s also Anabo – a descendant of Eve.
  What they don’t know is that Eryx plans to kidnap Jordan and force President Ellis to pledge his soul. If Eryx’s plot succeeds, the consequences would be catastrophic.
  But the Mephisto brothers do know about Jordan’s secret identity. And for one of them, she could be the match that leads to their soul’s salvation.
  Now it’s a desperate race against time to save Jordan and prevent Eryx’s haunting eyes from discovering her true identity.
  A thrilling story of romance, danger, and intrigue, THE MEPHISTO KISS continues the marvelous mythology that began in THE MEPHISTO COVENANT."

Happy reading!

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