Sunday, July 8, 2012

This Week in Books (46)

How's everyone's week been? Mine's been just dandy! I've finally gotten a new dresser and desk, so the room in my house that I moved into over a year ago is finally MINE! It looks so freakin' awesome, what with my modern-as-all-hell laptop only meters away from my old-as-hell wing-back reading chair (it's a deep burgundy color, so really, it matches NOTHING in my room, which makes it stand out, and makes people gravitate towards it for sitting).
  Anyways, I was going to close the blog this week, but then I realized: uhm, why?! I now love being on my computer again, because I don't have to sit on my bed with it on my lap (I know, defeats the purpose of a "lap" top.)
  Anyways, I have a giveaway going on...Not here, though, because Google Docs is being lame, and I got a few emails telling me that people couldn't enter the contest. I could, and my sister checked from her computer, and she could, but I dunno what was happening.
  So, if you'd like a chance to enter to win one of five copies of Hannah Jayne's Under Attack (stuffed with swag for YA and adult lovers, including bookmarks for two books featured below: Denise Jaden's Never Enough *half of these are signed!* and Jennifer Echols's Such a Rush!) please enter on, in their Member Giveaway section (if you don't have one, you'll have to make an account; but it's free!). Winners will be chosen next Saturday, so enter soon!

  This week, a few awesome-looking titles release: all on Tuesday, btw:

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