Sunday, July 29, 2012

This Week in Books (49)

Hello, hello!
  This past week has been quite fantabulous for me. I got five books in the mail (with another package still en-route) and I had a dream about the sex of my oldest sister's baby--a girl! Making me the fifth person that we know of who has dreamt of the baby being a little girl. Though mine is wishful thinking. I have to help raise the my sister has to return to work almost immediately after the birth of little Dexter or Peyton--and btw, she got the name Dexter from Sarah Dessen's This Lullaby--her favorite book--and the name Peyton from her favorite show, One Tree Hill. (Everyone but me and my oldest brother, Nick, hate the name Dexter. Then again, I love it because I love the Dexter series by Jeff Lindsay, but Nick loves it because he loves the show (he's never read the books, and I've never seen the show). My mom keeps going, "What do we call him? Dex? That's so...ugly! What about Deckie?"
  BUT I also had a dream that I was like, a marine or some shit and saving kids. Then this I gave this little girl (who was like, Brennan and Booth's baby from Bones--but  it was that girl who played in the Drake & Josh movie with that adorable smile) a CD. We were all in a cafeteria, and I couldn't save this little boy who was like, crying all to hell, and this other dude (not a little kid) was like, glaring at me. And I'm all, "Got sumthin' to say, homes?" Then it turns out, I wasn't saving these kids, but taking them to BATTLE. I know, right?
  So, maybe my dreams mean nothing.
  There was that one dream, though, with Trent Ford...YOWZA. (I just Googled him, and why didn't someone tell me he was in Vampire Diaries?! I know him from that Sarah Dessen book-to-movie, How to Deal, but daymnn. Diaries has Ian Somerhalder and Trent Ford (for however briefly)?! Jesus. The beefcake in this show is astounding. Why have I never watched it?)

  Enough about me. 
  Here is what's releasing this week.

Happy reading, everyone!
  And be sure to tune in later this week for an interview & giveaway with YA author Chloe Kayne! :D

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