Sunday, August 12, 2012

This Week in Books (51)

Good morning, fellow nerds!
  I'm seriously loving the fact that summer is going so freaking quickly. (Wait. Did you get that? Do I need to make a sarcasm sign? hahah).
  My week's been...if not great then not bad. I'm desperately wanting this week though, because on Wednesday my older sister, Tori, finds out the sex of her baby! It's either gunna be little Dexter or little Peyton. I want a little niece, but I want a nephew that I can call "Dex" cause that's just awesome epitomized.
  I do have to slave over a hot stove tomorrow to make my younger sister's boyfriend's birthday cake (was that confusing? sorry!). But only because A) I'm getting paid to do it and B) he likes my cakes better than his mama's. Aww! What a complement! But hey, I'm use to it. I am, after all, the best baker in the WORLD! Kidding. I wish. But I think Duff Goldman has that in the bag. What the hell happened to Ace of Cakes?! That was my favorite Food Network show! Damn it, Cake Boss. Dammit! You took all the viewers. *Curses*

Anyways, four books release this week. Please. Stop congratulating me on the books I got in the mail. I DID NOT GET THESE IN THE MAIL. THEY RELEASE THIS WEEK. Jesus. I need to put it in the header, do I?

Happy reading, everyone! And don't forget to enter to win a signed copy of Karen Ann Hopkins' Temptation!

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