Sunday, September 2, 2012

This Week in Books (54)

This post is a little late, and I'm sorry bout that. I just so happen to have a life today, and totally was too busy to post about books.
  I'm just the laziest person like, ever. I legit think it's too trying to get on here, load GR (which takes forevs to load a page with more than 100 reviews/ratings, btw) (also, I just made a liar of myself. GR is loading very fast today!) and post on my blog. Plus, I keep logging into my email (for the blog) but it isn't the one registered for this blog, so it keeps telling me to make a Blogger profile and THERE ISN'T A FREAKING LOG-OUT BUTTON ON THAT DAMN PAGE! This pisses the hell outta me.
  Anyways. If y'all care, here are this week's releases. And again: No, I did not get them in the mail this past week.
  I DID, HOWEVER, GET LEIGH BARDUGO'S SHADOW AND BONE FROM MY AUTHOR-FRIEND, CHLOE KAYNE. Yeah, I've read this. I'm just one of those people who has to OWN every GREAT book she reads! :) I'm legit drooling over this book. But not to closely. Don't wanna ruin that butter-cover! :D
  And I also got out of going to my oldest sister's baby shower! (Score: Sierra 1, Family That I Hate: 0. Yeah, baby! *said in a totally annoying accent. Whichever one you chose. All accents are annoying in my book.*)

Happy reading, and happy (tomorrow) Monday-day-off, everyone! :D

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